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Synthesis Paper 2013.doc


Synthesis Paper Rubric 2.doc


Synthesis Statement of Responsibility 2013.doc


PowerPoint examples Synthesis Paper paragraph formation.ppt



"Rime of the Ancient Mariner" interactive reading


Hamlet NotesThe Tragedy of Hamlet.ppt


Family Photos








character blog.doc

blog rubric.doc


Hamlet Act III SG (1).doc


Hamlet Study Guide Act II


Independent Novels--annotated list

Original list



PowerPoint for HTRLLP 

Review and test taking tipsAwesome_Packet_2011.ppt


Instructions for introduction, body, and conclusion.Synthesis Paper paragraph formation.ppt

Synthesis Paper Guidelines and Due Dates






Independent Reading List for Character



To be or not to be:  bonus opportunityTo be.doc

Hamlet character chartHamletcharacterchart.doc

SPLOTTS formatUsing SPLOTTS for Analysis of Poetry.doc

SPLOTTS exampleR.CorySPLOTTS.pdf

Poetry Paragraph formulaSPLOTTSParagraphFormula.pdf

Found Poem InstructionsFOUND_POEM.doc


Dialectical Journal for Characterizationdialect.doc



"How to Mark a Book"How to Mark a Book.doc


ISTE sitesiste sites 2.doc


AP Post Exam InventoryAP Post Exam Inventory.doc

AP Lit TermsLit termsract.doc

Madame Bovary Study Guidestudy questions.doc


Writing the synthesis paperAn effective introduction.ppt


Washington Post/article about Madame BovaryFrom The Washington Post.doc


Synthesis Paper InstructionsSynthesis Paper Info.doc


As I Lay Dying:  Point of View ProjectPoint of View Projectrevised.doc


As I Lay Dyingrubric.doc



As I Lay Dying study questionsStudy Questions pages 3.doc


Success with Timed WritingsSuccess with Timed Writings.ppt


A Tale of Two Cities

    Bio Poem Bio.doc

   character journal rubricjournalrubric.doc

  character chart characterchart.doc

  study guideA Tale of Two Cities Study Guide.doc

Heart of Darkness Possible Theme StatementsThemes.doc


Heart of Darkness PhotoStory Project project.doc HODprojectrubric.doc


Heart of Darkness Study GuideSTUDYQUE.DOC


AP Literary Terms and VocabularySenior AP English Poetry Terms.doc


News Page Templates:Crossword, open office, publisher info.doc

Brochure template Final.odt 

Paradoy examples and template toteach.doc;tosnooze.doc;individual graphic organizer.doc


Resume templates from Mrs. DavisIma True Rebel.doc

                                                                                   Ima True Rebel 2.doc


AP Book List for Independent Readingap book list.doc


Act One SettingAct I one-pager on setting.ppt



Frankenstein QuestionsEssayquestions.doc


Character ChartCharacter Chart.doc



Welcome to Mrs. Kincy's Wiki!!   


 Rebels Rule:-)                                                                                                         

Southside Web Page


Scholarship link:  http://shscounseling.pbwiki.com/FrontPage






 Class Information


     Summer Assignment 2009.doc       


     DIDLS POWERPOINT Tone DIDLS ppt.pptx  


Class assignments


FRANKENSTEIN Study Guide.doc


 AP Literature and Composition



Grammar and Writing Help Sites


Parallel Structure and Active and Passive Quizzes





Other quizzes







Senior Project

 Life's Worth Living in Fort Smith, Arkansas?

Final Directions Fort Smith Project.doc

Revised Rubric: project rubric.xls


Use of copyrighted material http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/731/01/ 


Transcendentalism Nature Portfolio Project 

 October 20, 2008.ppt


Literary Analysis

     Southside Library http://www.fortsmithschools.org/schools/sside/Library%20Web%20Page/library.htm

     Southside Library Pathfinder http://southsidefslibrary.pbwiki.com/Pathfinders





      Lab Activities.doc



College Information 






Book Talks



Educational Websites for Orientation to Teaching Educational Web Sites.doc

right brain/left brain quiz



Brain-based learning



Persuasive Writing


     Revision document


Web Quests





Photostory Workshop 



Evaluation on Survey Monkey






 Video Clips







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